Diversity Career Guide

Diversity in the workplace is an important element for students, grads and employers alike. Use this guide to learn more about what workplace diversity is and why it matters.

Why diversity and inclusion matter:

In order to feel truly comfortable at work, you need to know that differentiating factors, such as your ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education or religion, will not hinder your success as a young professional – or the success of the organization you work for. Many organizations have official diversity programs, policies and initiatives to ensure employees feel respected and included at work – be sure to consider these programs during your job search.

What is an equitable employer?

An employer whose system operates on merit (how well you perform) and contains no barriers that might have a negative effect on your hiring, retention or growth opportunities.

Pro Tip
"A commitment to workplace diversity is crucial to the success of any business that delivers products and services to their clients."