How to Stand Out with your Resume


Are you someone who is actively seeking a job but not getting a lot of traction? Do you have a lot of experience and still don’t know why your resume is not making an impact? You have accumulated experience and skills, now, the next step is to communicate your skillset to a potential employer. In a world overflowing with resumes, employers face the dilemma of choosing potential employees based on a resume. This is why, as an individual seeking a job, it is important to stand out through your resume and connect with the employer before the interview.

Use these tips and tricks to make your resume stand out!


1. Don’t follow regular resume templates. 

It’s always great to get an idea through templates, but try adding your own unique twist to it. You can do this by adding infographics displaying your skillset! Infographics are eye-catching and help your resume stand out. As an employer, if I am viewing two resumes side by side, one following a traditional style of resume with the skillset being listed, the other with an infographic, I am naturally appealed by the one with an infographic, not only because it visually attracts attention, but it also shows that you have put in the work to make yourself stand out.

Make your resume unique!

2. Add a unique twist.

As mentioned above, you can add a unique twist to your resume but make sure it does not overwhelm the viewer. Use fonts that are easy to read and make sure the colours compliment each other.

3. Wording is everything.

Avoid casual language, sound professional. For example, saying: “I feel like I can do so and so” not only sounds casual but also shows a lack of confidence. Instead, reword it and say “I believe I can perform so and so task”

Keep your resume professional!

4. Avoid Word documents.

Do not submit word documents (MS Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs) unless asked! The rule of thumb for resumes is to always submit a PDF file. Sometimes, the formatting in Word documents is altered, meaning a viewer might not see a correct version of your resume. So, for your resume’s sake, always submit it in PDF form to ensure it is displayed the way you want it to be.

Knowing that your resume could get lost in the crowd can be discouraging, but hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you improve your resume and make it stand out amongst the rest!

All the best on your job hunt!

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