Learning About The CPA Designation: Hear From A New CPA


The CPA designation has something to offer any new professional.

Whether your career priorities are mobility, job security, earning potential or constant development opportunities – there are opportunities for you as a Chartered Professional Accountant.

As a globally-recognized designation, the CPA designation equips you to work in diverse industries around the world.

RBC Global Financial Analysis and Tax Manager Noelle Boggio, CPA, CA is a great example of the career success stories that start with the CPA designation.

Choosing the CPA designation

Noelle decided to pursue the CPA designation while studying accounting at the Schulich School of Business.

“I always enjoyed accounting in university and I was really intrigued by the examination process and the opportunities that one could achieve by obtaining the CPA designation,” she says.

“I knew the CPA designation would be my stepping stone to any career I wanted.”
Noelle Boggio, CPA, CA
Manager, Global Financial Analysis and Tax, RBC

The Schulich School of Business hosted a number of information sessions and events to help interested students explore the CPA designation. Noelle made sure to add these to her schedule, while conducting research through her own network as well.

As time passed, she set her sights on a new career goal – and a new designation.

“I realized I had a passion for finance,” Noelle says, “and that the CPA designation gave me the tools and experience to attain that new long-term career goal.”

Completing the designation

The CPA designation equips you with the skills to work in almost any sector around the world.

Those skills are crucial to the long-term career potential you’ll enjoy as a CPA. Building them means being ready for some hard work.

Noelle had some first-hand experience with those challenges.

“Studying while working full-time was definitely the most challenging part of the designation process,” she says. “It’s hard to balance studying and work, but once I had a rhythm going and created a fool-proof study schedule, I was fine.”

Noelle’s biggest lesson? Enjoy your time studying and learning! Avoid stress at all costs.

“Looking back, I wish I hadn’t put so much pressure on myself to achieve the perfect score,” she says.

Your previous academic experience equips you with the basic skills to manage your schedule and stay productive – this is a great opportunity to build on what you’ve learned!

Learning for the long-term

Noelle counts work ethic as well as research and time management skills as some of the top qualities she developed while completing her CPA designation.

It’s important to note that the CPA designation process not only helped her develop the skills for career success, it also helped her expand her career horizons.

“Attending CPA information sessions and conferences showed me that the CPA designation reaches multiple industries outside of accounting,” she says.

“Hearing others explain their past experiences and seeing where they are now influenced my path greatly.”

A career underway

Today, Noelle puts her CPA designation to work in RBC’s Global Asset Management, Tax & Operations department.

“I manage the development, execution and monitoring of RBC Global Asset Management’s investment products, primarily focusing on global mutual funds,” she explains.

Noelle’s work also involves a range of high-level financial and tax analysis. She manages significant responsibility early in her career.

“The CPA designation has provided me with confidence in my knowledge and skills, particularly my approach to problem-solving,” she explains.

“By managing my time properly, working hard and looking at multiple sources of evidence, I continue to attain my career goals.”

Noelle’s Top 3 Tips:

1. “Don’t be afraid to start your CPA path differently than your peers.”

Noelle took time to plan out her career and make sure that the CPA was right for her. It has played a big part in her success.

2. “Network and ask as many questions as you possibly can.”

In Noelle’s case, connecting with personal contacts who worked in accounting helped complement the formal learning she enjoyed at CPA information sessions.

3. “Study hard but have fun!”

You’ll be more productive and better-equipped to succeed if you’re able to balance hard work with productive relaxation.

The energy she put into her studies and examinations has paid off, too.

“The examination process not only improved my knowledge in accounting, finance and taxation; it also improved my ability to apply that knowledge to real-life work,” Noelle explains.

With a successful career already underway, Noelle is a great example of the success and potential offered by a CPA designation. She is quick to share her enthusiasm.

“The CPA opens the doors to unlimited career opportunities in numerous industries.”

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