Job Application And Interview Guide: Suncor Energy


Applying for jobs and preparing for job interviews as a student or new graduate can be stressful – especially since every company’s application process is different.

So, we got the inside scoop from Suncor Energy’s recruitment team on their recruitment schedule, application process and interviews. We also learned how you can be well prepared, make a great impression and hatch a career with Suncor!

Know Suncor’s recruitment schedule

It’s not like you can just apply and start a few weeks later. First, you need to know exactly when Suncor is hiring students and new graduates.

Like many large companies, Suncor has three campus recruitment cycles each year and typically hires students and recent grads one whole semester ahead of their start dates. You have to think ahead to land a job with this premier energy company!

Mark your calendars

Note these dates so you never miss out on a job opportunity with Suncor:

  • Start in May: apply in January
  • Start in September: apply in May
  • Start in January: apply in September

Keep an eye out for Suncor’s new graduate rotational programs, in areas such as finance, supply chain management and marketing, which will be posted on Suncor’s employer profile on TalentEgg! These programs allow new grads to try at least two roles within their department during their first couple of years at Suncor before choosing a specialization.

Read the requirements

If you’re applying for a co-op, internship or summer job with Suncor, read the requirements of the job carefully before you submit your application to ensure you meet the qualifications for the role.

For example, Suncor’s student jobs can be four, eight, 12 or 16 months in duration, so make sure you can actually work the entire term listed in the job description before you apply.

Similarly, check out the start date – can you begin your work term then? If not, Suncor will have another round of hiring in a few months, so you can check back and apply then.

Suncor processes all job applications through their website first, after which applications are reviewed by campus recruiters. Yes, real human beings actually read your resumes and cover letters! To apply, you’ll need to submit a resume and cover letter, and some positions require you to provide official transcripts as well. It can take a bit of leg work to get official transcripts from some schools, so plan ahead and get your transcripts as early as possible.

What to put in your resume and cover letter

Suncor looks for well-rounded students and graduates who are proactive and excited about an opportunity. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have oil and gas industry experience to apply – Suncor also values volunteer experience, non-industry work experience and being part of a student group on campus.

One thing you’ll want to highlight on your resume and in your cover letter is your ability to work as part of a team. Suncor really values team players. In a large organization like Suncor, you will often have to work in cross-functional teams to succeed.

Here are a few more tips to improve your application:

  • Customize your resume to match the job description as closely as you can. On the top of your resume, state how many academic and works you have completed, when you area available to start and how long you can work (four, eight, 12 or 16 months).
  • Organize your experience to illustrate why you fit the role you’re applying for
  • Make it easy to read – Suncor receives a lot of applications!
  • Sell yourself in your cover letter, answering the question: Why does your past experience make you the best candidate for this job?

 How to prepare for a job interview with Suncor

What can you expect during the interview process? Well, it can vary between roles – you may have a phone interview first and then go for an in-person interview, or only be required to do an in-person interview.

Either way, you’ll be asked behavioural interview questions, required to demonstrate your knowledge of and interest in the company. You’ll also be given the opportunity to ask your own questions – so come prepared!

Good luck!

Find out how you can contribute your energy, develop your skills and grow your career with Suncor Energy – visit Suncor’s profile on TalentEgg!

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