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We know that preparing and writing your resume is a difficult task, so we wanted to share some of the insight that our Recruiting team looks for in a resume.

Our team looks at resumes every day, and they have a fantastic ability to identify skills and talents of motivated sales people, but here are some tips that they wanted to pass along to you:

We are hiring sales talent, and we like to see sales experience in a resume. This could be anything from retail to running your own business to customer service.

But it's not the role or the job that we're interested in... it's your experience and your ability to back your success with numbers and results about how you used your unique X Factor to accomplish the impossible. Make sure you include those tangible results in your resume.

Sales is a social skill, and it's not for everyone, but we know that people who have signed up for extracurricular activities in school, community volunteerism or sports teams have the X Factor.

If you are outgoing and driven and can demonstrate your passion, commitment and confidence, we want to meet you.

Being well informed about the role and program is paramount in getting our attention.

Candidates who are prepared and demonstrate an understanding of the role and the Xerox Authorized Agent program in their cover letter, resume and interviews will get noticed. It demonstrates your ability to know and understand your customer before engaging... which is a critical skill in sales. Show us that you've done your research.

In addition to the things we look for, here are a few things we, and other recruiters, don't look for...
  • Complicated formats. We use software to review resumes, and your formatting might not always make it through. A simple format in a logical order is best
  • Self Praise. We know that you are proud of your accomplishments, and you should be, but instead of telling us... show us.
  • Creative job titles. Starting a sales career is hard, and we know that over the top titles help to increase the importance... but we might misread or overestimate your experiences. Stick to simple job titles that make sense.
  • Show us you're interested. Instead of saving your resume as "resume27.docx", try "Jane Doe Xerox Sales CV.docx". We know that you might not know us, but anything that has a "form" feel or "dear madam or sir" touch to it, doesn't peak our interest.
  • Proof read. Spell check isn't perfect, and small mistakes raise questions about attention to detail and diligence. Check and re-check your resume.
  • Don't lie. Recruiters have years of experience interviewing and reviewing resumes... but we're not perfect. You might get through, but once you start if you don't have a skills that you claimed, you're setting yourself up for a very trying experience. Stick to the facts.

For more information about Xerox's recruitment process, click here.

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