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Although your individual comments will remain anonymous, the list of students on the judging panel, including your name, program, (expected) graduation year, college or university, and email address, will be made available to all participating employers. This is a once in a life time networking opportunity you can only get by applying today!

Join the 2022 TalentEgg Recruitment Awards Student Judging Panel!

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Gain experience

Almost every career path requires critical thinking and analysis, and your experience as part of the elite student panel judging the TalentEgg awards will provide you with hands-on experience in breaking down, analyzing, and deciding on some of the most sophisticated recruitment campaigns in the country.

Let your voice be heard

This is your chance to share your thoughts and opinions on the way that employers recruit top students like you.

Learn about top employers and career options

Your analysis will delve deep into the campus recruitment campaigns of many of Canada’s top employers, allowing you to learn about the organizations and the career opportunities available for students and new graduates.

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