TalentEgg Inc.

Toronto, Ontario


Hatching graduate careers

We're a small, passionate team and from our office in Toronto ("The Egg Carton"), we're working hard to provide students and new graduates with amazing career-planning resources and access to meaningful, career-launching opportunities, like internships, summer jobs, and entry level jobs in Canada.

We're also working hard to provide organizations with an efficient and cost-effective way to reach Generation Y.

TalentEgg.ca was founded in 2008, and today is Canada's leading job board and online career resource for students and recent graduates. Building on our success in Canada, we have recently launched TalentEgg.com for career-hunting students and grads in the U.S.

What we believe...

We believe that the school-to-work transition is difficult and messy for students and new graduates. Attracting and hiring students and new graduates is also difficult and messy for employers, who often travel across the country to attract top students. TalentEgg was created to provide access to meaningful opportunities for students and new graduates, coast to coast, and to provide an efficient way for employers and organizations to reach students who increasingly use the web to research their careers.

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