Public Outreach

Toronto , Ontario

Professional Door-to-door Fundraiser

Calgary, Alberta
Student Jobs, Entry Level

Public Outreach specializes in direct fundraising for various non-profit organizations. We represent various humanitarian, environmental, animal rights and health NGOs here in Canada and around the world. We offer a fun, flexible work environment with rapid promotion potential and travel opportunities. Starting wage is $14/h and is not commission-based.  This is your opportunity to speak on behalf of charities you care about!

We are looking for outgoing, passionate and hard-working individuals with strong communication and interpersonal skills to fundraise door-to-door in neighbourhoods across the city. You will be engaging with homeowners, raising awareness and recruiting members for the charities we represent. One-on-one engagement is a very personalized and cost-effective way of fundraising, much more so than mail-outs or large-scale events.

Public Outreach's values are to be honest, respectful and effective which means we are not commission-based. Benefits include: Advancements/raises, scholarships, travel opportunities, health benefits, various special events and even a winter clothing allowance when it starts to get chilly out there!


The main job requirement is to continually recruit new monthly donors for our partner charities and non-profit organizations by speaking directly to potential donors throughout the city.

We are looking for individuals with the following qualities: Strong communication/interpersonal skills

  • Charisma
  • Enjoys the outdoors
  • Exceptional team player
  • Independently motivated

Availability: available 3 shifts of 11am - 7pm weekdays

How to Apply