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British Columbia
Forest walkway

Enjoy the lifestyle in Northern BC

What's life like in Northern BC? It's what you choose to make of it!

Northern British Columbia features spectacular lifestyle options in all of our family-oriented communities. Whether you want a casual walkabout beginning in your own backyard, sporting opportunities to challenge the best of athletes, or cultural activities in one of our many diverse communities, Northern British Columbia offers something for everyone.

Our communities offer a wide range of amenities. Although we have some larger communities, Northern BC is generally free of the strains of urban life. You can forget about traffic jams: we don't have them. Housing is affordable. You can get to know your neighbours.

All of our communities are within easy reach of some of the most spectacular natural beauty BC has to offer.


Climb a mountain (we have plenty of them). Go kayaking on one of our lakes or rivers... or on the Pacific Ocean. Jump on your mountain bike and explore the back-country. Join a recreation hockey league or organize a pond hockey tournament like Registered Nurse, Neil Evans, did!

Our health facilities are the perfect environment for newly-minted health professionals looking for rewarding leadership opportunities.

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