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British Columbia

Employee testimonials

We offer a landscape that will never become commonplace and we’re a team that is far from ordinary. Northern Health employees love where they live and are a part of dedicated, professional and friendly teams.

Hear what some of our recent graduates have to say below!

Christy Lauzon, Medical Lab Technologist

Andrea Starck, Nurse

One of the best kept secrets about Northern Health is the breathtaking scenery around you and the wonderful people you get to work with. It surprises new employees how innovative we are at Northern Health. Most people think we don't have as much to offer our employees as the other health authorities but we think we have the best recreation and lifestyle opportunities available in the province and our people are friendly and helpful and dedicated to their work.

Anton Ponomarenko, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Aid

Flo Furber, Licensed Practical Nurse

One of the best kept secrets in Fort St. John is the average age per capita which is actually pretty young at 29. We are a young family-oriented area with a high employment rate. One of the best things about Fort St. John is the wide variety of community activities available in and around the area. Everyone believes that the North is cold but it is really beautiful and usually the weather is quite nice all year round with a surprising amount of sunshine each year. In Fort St. John you get the best of both worlds with a variety of employment opportunities and the joy of having the "outdoors" in your own backyard. If I was designing a postcard for Fort St. John, I would say, "Come to the Peace Country and stay for the peace of mind."

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