Labatt Breweries of Canada

Across Canada

Global Management Trainee Program

Join our class of ambitious and determined Global Management Trainees in a 10-month intensive, cross-functional, learning experience. You’ll travel to and work in different breweries and offices across the country getting to know top leaders along the way. Throughout this program, you’ll also work with our innovation team on a Build a Brand project to flex your creative and analytical muscles while learning what it really takes to launch a new brand.

Logistics Trainee Program

The Logistics Trainee Program is designed for graduates with a strong interest in supply chain, operations and problem solving. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in our dynamic logistics department, this 6-month program is a great place to start. You’ll spend time in the field at one of our wholesalers learning how a warehouse works and in one of our breweries to see just how we get millions of cases of beer from the palletizers the dock doors.

Brewery Development Trainee Program

In the Brewing Development Trainee program, you’ll not only have the opportunity to learn the fascinating processes behind the Brewing, Operations, Logistics, and Utilities departments, we’ll also teach you to be a leader. Not many jobs give you the opportunity to manage an entire team right out of school – this one will.

Sales Trainee Program

The Sales Trainee program gives you the chance to learn about the diversity of challenges and opportunities within sales. You’ll spend time at one of our wholesalers, riding with sales reps, delivering beer off the back of a truck and building creative displays in retail accounts. You’ll also learn from leaders in both our region sales offices and national office in Toronto. And by the end of the program you’ll know how we sell our beer from start to finish.

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