Across Canada

Global Opportunities

With a network of more than 162,000 employees in 155 countries/territories around the world, KPMG's international influence translates into a world of opportunities for you. Whether you are traveling the world as part of an international client engagement, working with talented professionals from other countries, representing the Canadian firm on a KPMG global committee or spending time abroad through our assignment program, your career will benefit from joining a truly global player like KPMG.

KPMG actively supports and encourages international assignments through our Global Opportunities program. Our aim is to deliver value to clients and communities, while enriching the life experiences of our people. We currently have over 90 countries that participate in the program.

The Global Opportunities program offers the following benefits to both you and the firm:

  • Developing KPMG professionals who will have the skill set and international savvy required to serve global accounts effectively
  • Facilitating practice development in emerging markets
  • Transferring knowledge between firms
  • Developing outstanding future leaders, and promoting leadership skills and long-term career development
  • Providing you with life enriching opportunities