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Alexandre Bilodeau

Alexandre Bilodeau

Summer Intern, Montreal Office
Concordia University

Summer Internship Program

As a summer intern, I had the opportunity to explore various career options across practice areas and industry groups. Everyone was supportive and made me feel at ease. Because the internship was really hands on, I was able to learn so much from the experience. I was also able to get to know fellow interns in the office and across the country through socials, National Summer Intern Challenges and the Big Four Volleyball Tournament.

Executive Look

Executive Look is KPMG’s exclusive summer conference held in downtown Toronto and the best way to get to know the firm. I was able to network with members of KPMG’s executive and management teams, and learn about their experiences, career path, and why they’ve stayed at the firm. It was incredible meeting students from across the country and participating in fun team activities and interactive workshops.


Being an Olympic athlete, it’s like owning your own business as you surround yourself with the right people who help you to succeed in achieving your goals. At KPMG, you can find mentors everywhere, and they are instrumental in driving your career in the direction you want it to go. I have had numerous mentors throughout my KPMG journey who have provided much support. Everyone’s career path is different, so I advise students to talk to as many people as possible, and explore what others have experienced. KPMG has proven countless times that they care about my career fulfillment and success.

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moores

Co-op Student, Waterloo Office
Wilfrid Laurier University

Global Internship Program

Traveling to New Zealand for a month of my work term enhanced my KPMG experience immensely. It allowed me to gain insight and knowledge of accounting and business on a global scale. The Global Internship Program has been a fantastic experience that I could not have obtained at any other firm, and I highly encourage anyone to apply as it is a truly remarkable experience.

Co-op Opportunities

As a Co-op Student, I received a perfect mix of on-the-job and formal training. This allowed me to go out to clients on my very first week and apply my newly acquired knowledge in real-world situations. I was involved with clients in a variety of business settings, which allowed me to gain a diverse set of learning experiences. It was especially comforting knowing that everyone around me, from co-workers to partners, were always there to support me.

Pardeep Dhaliwal

Pardeep Dhaliwal

Audit Staff Accountant, Vancouver Office
University of British Columbia

National Student Programs

I encourage students to get involved in KPMG’s National Campus programs because it is a great way to learn more about the firm and build meaningful relationships. I participated in the Ace the Case program that taught me incredible case analysis and presentation skills. My team won the local competition in Vancouver and the National competition, which led us to the KPMG International Case Competition (KICC) in Brazil! It was an invaluable experience meeting students, KPMG staff and partners from around the globe.

Campus Ambassadors

Be sure to meet the KPMG Campus Ambassadors at your university. They are fantastic resources as they’ve gone through the application process and have a wealth of knowledge to share what working at KPMG is really like. Take the initiative to attend KPMG campus events and network, as it allows you to ask questions and demonstrate your interest, while giving the KPMG team a chance to get to know you!


Breanne Pisani

Audit Senior Accountant, Edmonton Office
University of Alberta

Achieving CPA Success

Going through the CPA process at KPMG I was assigned a mentor who had just completed the program. Having this support was extremely beneficial and contributed to my success as a National Honour Roll member. Our office has a tradition on results day where every successful writer parades through the main staircase where the entire office is there to congratulate you - it was an amazing way to celebrate such a milestone.

KPMG On Campus

Attend as many KPMG on-campus events as you can, as these events helped me to learn the different programs and opportunities that KPMG offers. I was able to meet a variety of individuals and learn about their personal experiences with KPMG. It helped me to determine that KPMG was the right opportunity and allowed me to get to know the individuals who became my future colleagues.

Natalie Festa

Natalie Festa

Advisory Senior Consultant, Toronto Office
York University

Community Leadership

KPMG cares about its people fulfilling their personal community goals, which has allowed me to get involved in various initiatives. I have been able to combine my passion for fashion and women empowerment through an organization I founded, called FAIR+SQUARE, which supports programs that work toward gender equality and helps women achieve their educational and career aspirations. Community leadership at KPMG has contributed substantially to my personal fulfillment.

Full Time Opportunities

KPMG has something for everyone. I completed two summer internships with rotations in Audit and Advisory, which helped me discover what I was looking for in my career. I also had the opportunity to participate in the Enterprise Tax Pool, which was a great way to gain tax hours, apply my technical knowledge, and assist the tax team during their busy season. In my current role in the Forensic practice within Advisory Risk Consulting, I’ve been involved with investigations, litigation support, and anti-money laundering engagements. Since the work is not cyclical it is refreshing, as each new engagement is always something new.


Olivia Nelson

Audit Senior Manager, Calgary Office
Dalhousie University

Countless Opportunities

During my time at KPMG, I have worked in three different offices around the world in Ottawa, Calgary, and Australia,within Audit and National Risk Management, and have had the opportunity to travel around the world- most recently on a client trip to Argentina. Through the firm’s flexibility in meeting both my personal and professional interests, whether they be what type of work I want to be involved in or where I want to live, they have proven that they care about my success and career fulfillment.

Global Opportunities

After obtaining my professional designation at KPMG, I pursued a secondment through KPMG’s Global Opportunities (GO) program which encourages international assignments. I completed a two and a half year assignment in Australia, and was exposed to a new work culture, strengthened my networking capabilities, and learned how to be adaptable in my work style. This not only benefited me professionally but also personally, as it provided me with the opportunity to travel to 8 different countries while there, and now have friends who live all over the world.