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Keurig Canada is more than just great coffee, beverages, and innovative brewing technology. Although they are our passion, we are also passionate about our employees, culture, and communities. Working at Keurig Canada, you will have the opportunity to be inspired and inspire others every single day.

Here, a few of our people explain why they love their work.



Keurig Job Seekers

"FAST, stimulating and caffeinated": that's how Kenza, Web Marketing Manager for Keurig Canada, describes her typical work day, which starts by checking the latest company results on Google Analytics (while treating herself to a cappuccino when the results are really good). "I always have to stay abreast of what's up and coming in the digital marketing world, she explains. I'm most proud of the innovative email marketing program we've created; it's completely responsive to mobile devices." "Thinking outside the box" (and inside the cup) is clearly her forte, and she motivates her whole team to keep a fresh mind that benefits everyone and every project. Which K-Cup® pack would she be, if given a choice? "Island Coconut!, she answers promptly; sweet, fun, and exotic!"



A true soccer lover who dared start life from scratch at age 26 when he moved to Canada, Parsa is at his core a team player. As Route Sales Representative, he says that he especially enjoys the flexibility his position at Keurig Canada affords him, as well as the "friendly, supportive and relaxed environment". Also a volunteer for the Surrey Food Bank, he appreciates the value of giving back: "There's just something about making people happy", he confides. If ever you hear of holographic coffee coming to market... it was his idea! And while you imagine what that would taste like, he delights in a more tangible dream for the (nearer) future: "driving an RV to South America!".



Keurig Job Seekers

Project Engineer, Mark says that the sheer variety in his job is a reward in itself: "From the receipt of raw material right up to the packaging of the final product, we get to optimize production at every step." But the satisfaction, he adds, also comes from "getting to wear both the engineer hat and the manager hat–the engineering department is really a small group, so you can make a significant difference". He's surprised at how quickly the doors have opened: "When I first applied for a job here, I never imagined that I would manage such a large-scale project!", explaining how he's now project manager for the expansion of a processing facility in Montreal. "There are a lot of opportunities here... If you prove you are ready for a challenge, your chance will come."


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