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Could we be a match?

At Keurig Canada, we're very particular about who joins our team. And we bet you're very particular about whose team you want to be part of – rightly so!

Would we be a good match for each other? For us, it all starts with having a passion for people and our planet, and the understanding that exceeding our customers' expectations is key.

It's also about personality — are you a team player with a good sense of humor and a positive attitude? How about your outlook on the world — are you committed to your work and the organization, and consistently going the extra mile to help transform the way the world understands business?

We find that our most successful employees:

Keurig Job Seekers
  • Exert leadership, no matter what their position.
  • Are self-starters and passionate about our brands, our people and their work.
  • Are motivated to pursue the greater good.
  • Almost always can appreciate the positive in any situation.
  • Have a balanced approach to life.
  • Consistently create, develop, improve and question.
  • Are creative and see things in a different light.
  • Value a friendly and family-oriented work environment.
  • Embrace change and keep an open mind toward new ideas.
  • Seek challenges and a stimulating work environment.
  • Are transparent and strong communicators who actively share ideas and information.
  • Appreciate the value of diversity.
  • Place a premium on putting the customer first and offering superior products.
  • Care for the community in which they live and want to get involved.

If this description captures the essence of who you are, then please visit our job opportunities section.