Consult with us. Help build a smarter planet.

Everyday, the world becomes exponentially more interconnected, digitized and data-aware. The world is getting smarter, triggering unprecedented change. Yesterday's models no longer equip organizations to capitalize on this change.

At IBM Global Business Services (GBS) we partner with our clients to deliver real business value by:

  • Bringing together the world's largest consulting practice with industry-leading research capability
  • Enriching business consulting with advanced research, analytics and technology
  • Leaning on all phases of engagement to plan, build, and implement advanced business solutions
  • Establishing new approaches that only IBM can offer through our unique combination of skills, experience and capabilities
What will you do as an IBM GBS Consultant?

As an entry-level consultant, you'll have the opportunity to join Consulting by Degrees – our world-class leadership and development program designed to provide the full-spectrum of structured training, development, and practical experience necessary to successfully launch and accelerate your career.

  • You'll immediately contribute to top-tier clients in collaboration with smart people in a dynamic environment
  • You'll work on projects that help clients integrate strategy, process, technology and information to increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve profit and shareholder value
  • You'll build a powerful portfolio of interesting and rewarding experiences as you tackle the grand challenges that affect our society
  • You'll have the opportunity to master new skills, work across different disciplines and move into new challenges
What do we look for in a successful Consultant at IBM?
  • Strong leadership and adaptability, with willingness to readily and voluntarily take ownership of highly challenging tasks and problems, even beyond initial scope of responsibility
  • Thorough and analytical, with capability to apply logic to solve problems
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks concurrently and meet deadlines, while maintaining focus despite conflicting demands
  • Drive to overcome the most challenging or difficult obstacles and look for ways to improve results
  • Initiative to actively seek new knowledge and improve skills
  • Effective interpersonal skills with ability to collaborate and work effectively with individuals, strengthening relationships to achieve win-win solutions
  • Powerful communication skills, successfully using multiple verbal and non-verbal behaviors to deliver a compelling and engaging response
  • A passion for innovative ideas, coupled with the ability to understand and assimilate different points of view
  • Capacity to learn new assignments, systems and tools
  • Interest and aptitude in technology tools and applications
  • Demonstrated history of achievement in academics, internships, and/or work
  • Ability to thrive in an intense team atmosphere, while making individual contributions