GE Canada

Toronto, Ontario

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Lighting & Lighting Solutions

GE has been lighting up the world since Thomas Edison discovered a better filament for the incandescent lamp. 128 years on, we still provide a range of innovative products for consumer, commercial and industrial markets with advances in new lighting technologies.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Aviation

GE provides more aviation services and produces more jet engines than any other company. We also supply avionics, electrical power and mechanical systems for aircraft in the commercial, corporate, military and marine industries.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Intelligent Platforms

GE Intelligent Platforms is a high-performance technology company that provides hardware, software and services to industrial, military, and aerospace industries around the world.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Transportation

GE Transportation is a global technology leader and key supplier to the railroad industries in Canada, providing freight and passenger locomotives, railway signaling and communications systems, information technology solutions, high-quality replacement parts and value added service.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1GE Capital

Provides loans, operating leases, financial programs, and commercial equipment leases to help global business grow in over 35 countries around the world.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Motors

Our world-class facility in Ontario designs and manufactures top-quality rotating electrical machines. We custom build large electric motors and generators for a variety of petrochemical, mining steel, pulp & paper, and power generation applications.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Nuclear

GE Hitachi has built an enviable reputation for excellence in the supply of nuclear fuel and fuel handling systems for CANDU reactors and international markets. It has provided advanced reactor technologies, nuclear services, and nuclear fuel cycles for over 5 decades.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Smart Substation

Smart Substation is a division of GE Energy that uses smart technologies to help people understand and manage energy usage and make clean, renewable energy an everyday reality. Smart Substation is delivering breakthroughs that will provide the next generation of power solution management.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Energy

GE provides energy products and services to more than 120 countries. Our thermal, bio-gas, nuclear energy, solar and wind technologies ensure cleaner, more efficient energies and productivity returns.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Oil & Gas

We provide global technology-based products, services and complete solutions to the oil and gas industry.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Water & Process Technologies

GE is solving some of the world's most pressing problems by supplying the world with water treatment, wastewater treatment and process solutions.

GE Entry Level Jobs Image 1Healthcare

GE is shaping a new age of patient care. From medical imaging an information technologies to diagnostics and drug discovery, we help clinicians re-imagine new ways of helping patients live longer, fuller lives.

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