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You tell us what. We’ll show you how.

Everyone's idea of Freedom is different. Some are wildly inspiring. Others, not so much. But let's face it – yours is the one that matters right now. And right now is the time to start making it happen.

Maybe your Freedom is:

  • Building a chalet beside a waterfall
  • Volunteering part time at an animal shelter
  • Taking a year off to backpack through Thailand

It all starts with having the financial power to do it your way.

A focused, personalized plan enables you to start building your Freedom at any age, any income level. And becoming a Freedom 55 Financial security advisor means you can show your clients how.

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See how we helped Chris Bacik begin living his freedom!

Chris Bacik started a very unique business just a few years ago and has been able to launch his career. Hear from the owner of Sky Eye Media as he tells us how he is living his freedom!

Our compensation structure is designed to support you as you start out and then recognize your ongoing success as you build your business. At Freedom 55 Financial your income is a direct reflection of the effort you put into your career.

Karen Moffatt wasn’t ready to retire. See how we helped!

Karen Moffatt has chosen a different path as her freedom. She is choosing not to retire! She was a police officer before, so what is she doing now? How is she living her freedom?

Walter Urban went for a world record. We helped him do that... see how.

Walter Urban's freedom is about pursuing new goals and inspiring new dreams! See how he accomplishes living his freedom!