Freedom 55 Financial

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When you join Freedom 55 Financial we make sure you earn while you learn. Our compensation package begins with:

  • A guaranteed minimum level sales bonus
  • Up to $53,750 in special development commission over the first four years of your career as you build your client base
  • A $7,000 training allowance while you study and write your licensing exams and work with your new advisor training manager

Plus, as a full-fledged financial security advisor you’ll enjoy:

  • A comprehensive and flexible benefit program
  • Lucrative first year commissions on product sales
  • Company-matching contributions for your investment/retirement plan
  • The opportunity to earn additional income and/or travel opportunities through campaigns
  • Service commissions in subsequent years that build your annual income base as you build your business
  • A generous referral program that rewards you for introducing us to a candidate who becomes a success advisor with our organization

Our compensation structure is designed to support you as you start out and then recognize your ongoing success as you build your business. At Freedom 55 Financial your income is a direct reflection of the effort you put into your career.

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