Chick-fil-A, Inc.

What is LDP?

The Leadership Development Program’s (LDP’s) vision is to be the premier development experience for the next generation of business leaders. Throughout the duration of the 24-36-month program, you’ll have the opportunity to primarily serve in two key business roles critical to the opening and operations of our restaurants: Grand Opening Supervisor and Interim Manager.

Grand Opening Supervisors advise and support Restaurant Owners in executing new restaurant openings. Interim Managers manage company-operated restaurants to prepare for a successful and smooth transition to a newly selected Restaurant Owner. Through leading humbly, communicating clearly, connecting personally and acting wisely, program participants are able to play an important role in the brand’s success.

Throughout the duration of the program, you’ll be heavily involved in all aspects of the grand opening process as you learn firsthand what it takes to be a Chick-fil-A Restaurant Owner. After you’ve completed your training at the Chick-fil-A Corporate Support Center in Atlanta, GA, you'll be deployed in Chick-fil-A restaurants across the U.S. and Canada, overseeing grand openings primarily through the role of Grand Opening Supervisor. The overall objective of the program is to develop future business leaders, and the vast majority of program graduates have ambitions to become Chick-fil-A Restaurant Owners.

Why join LDP?

Whether you go on to continue your career with Chick-fil-A or explore other endeavors, you’ll have ultimately gained invaluable leadership skills and real-life experience, setting you up for success wherever you choose to go.

Here’s just a few of the many things that the LDP offers:

  • Hands-on Leadership experience
  • Highly competitive salary and benefits
  • Immersion into the operations of America’s favourite restaurant chain
  • Opportunities to enhance your leadership skills and business acumen
  • A structured pipeline tailored to developing entrepreneurs and self-starters

Who's right for LDP?

We’re looking for pioneers – individuals who don’t back down from challenges and are passionate about serving their communities. We’re looking for leaders who are ready to take the next step in launching their careers and are excited about their development. The LDP is ultimately designed to be challenging and purposeful work specifically tailored to cultivating leaders.

Listed below are a few of the competencies we look for that all successful applicants share:

  • The power to lead humbly
  • The ability to communicate clearly
  • The strength to connect personally
  • The discipline to act wisely

If this sounds like you, or you’re looking to learn more, follow the link below to view the official job description, which outlines specific roles and responsibilities, as well as additional application specifics.