Quality Assurance Technician

Wainwright, Alberta
Entry Level, Early Career

Skill/Experience Requirements:

  • To interpret data, identify problems and opportunities, reviewing possible alternative courses of action before selecting one, utilizing information resources available when making decisions
  • To develop feasible realistic solutions to problems, recommending actions designed to prevent problems from occurring and referring problems to upper management when necessary
  • To effectively convey ideas and information both in written and oral form
  • To evaluate or make independent decisions based on experience or knowledge without supervision
  • To follow instructions from management, verbally and in written form
  • To calculate basic arithmetic problems with or without a calculator
  • To set priorities in order to meet assignment deadlines

Job Description:


The Quality Assurance Technician is responsible for working safely to provide support to the Quality Assurance Supervisor/SQF Practitioner and in the laboratory to ensure that food safety and quality requirements are met.

Essential Functions:

  • Preparing Methyl Esters of Fatty Acids
  • Determining the composition of oil products through FAP
  • Performing analysis of known standards for calibration requirements
  • Standardizing GC results
  • Determining oil stability through OSI
  • Participating in Quarterly Check Series
  • Participating in YUM Check Series
  • Reviewing and filing of COA's
  • Verifying that additives have been added in the correct type and amount
  • Checking Seals, creating and sending COA's for railcars
  • Making & standardizing laboratory solutions
  • Purchasing lab supplies
  • Doing daily laboratory tests
  • Providing support and guidance in the lab when needed
  • Training support for Quality Assurance
  • Providing support to the QA Supervisor
  • Providing customer support through special projects
  • Covering the duties of the lab operator, if absent or called away to other duties
  • Serving on the Food Safety Committee
  • Having the responsibility of back-up SQF Practitioner
  • Analyzing and sending COA's for BWI Beads
  • Completing other tasks as required
  • The duties of the QA Technician shall be performed by the QA Supervisor/SQF practitioner in that employee's absence
How to Apply