3rd Class Power Engineer Operator

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
Entry Level, Early Career

Skill/Experience Requirements:

  • 3rd Class Power Engineer certification is required Mechanical aptitude
  • Basic knowledge of PC applications such as Word, Excel, Lotus Notes
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to multitask

Job Description:


The control room and boiler room are under the direct care and responsibility of the control room operator. While the operator reports to the immediate supervisor, the day to day operation is the operator's direct responsibility. It is expected of the operator to run these areas in the most efficient and safe manner possible, following all procedures and quality control targets. Complete understanding of each piece of equipment is essential to meet this goal. The following is a list of duties expected of the operator (but not limited to) on daily bases to achieve these requirements.

Essential Functions:

  • Follow all company safety policies
  • Maintain clear and precise logbook entries
  • Keep current on any operational or procedure changes
  • Maintain good inter-department communications
  • Complete fire check as per schedule
  • Write work orders as required
  • Assist load out as required
  • Complete weekly, monthly scheduled duties
  • Additional duties as requested by the supervisor

Areas of Responsibility

  • Control Room, panel and computer
  • Quality control testing
  • Boilers and equipment operation
  • Palletizing operation
  • Hammer mill building monitoring

Control Room, Panel and Computer

  • Monitor control panel
  • Monitor computer
  • Acknowledge alarms and respond as required
  • Assist with starting and shutdown of equipment as required
  • Make adjustments to other area equipment as required
  • Answer NRCARE calls
  • Order slurry as required
  • Complete fire check as required

Quality Control Testing

  • Follow quality control testing schedule
  • Do extras tests as required or requested
  • Record testing results as required
  • Cleanup of all used testing equipment by shifts end (dishes etc.)
  • Leave all reagents full for the next shift
  • Relay test results to the S/E operator
How to Apply