80-20 Sales Academy Assessment Day

Kitchener, Ontario
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80-20 Growth Corporation

80-20 Growth Corporation The Pareto Principle or 80-20 rule, known as the law of the vital few, is never more relevant when viewed in the context of professional selling. Most businesses recognize that 80% of their revenue is generated by the top 20% of t...

According to Success Magazine, 70% of Fortune 500 executives either started their career in a sales role or are working in sales right now. Top strategic sales professionals are idolized like rock stars, they are seen as “the talent”, they earn more money than anyone else, they enjoy opportunities to travel internationally, their role is flexible and diverse, and they enjoy unparralled career stability.

80-20 Growth Corporation has partnered with a number of North American companies from a wide variety of industries that are looking to grow their sales teams. If you are an intelligent, enthusiastic, driven and courageous person, ready to take on a big challenge, a career in sales may be the perfect fit for you and this is your chance to kickstart your career!

Apply today to have the chance of being invited to the 80-20 Sales Academy Assessment Day on June 15th, 2017 at the 80-20 office in Kitchener, ON.

If selected to attend, you will be taken through a range of fun and challenging exercises designed to assess your suitability to become a part of the next generation of Canadian sales leaders. Your intellect and character will be tested, you will learn something important about yourself, and we guarantee that you will have fun along the way. Check out a video of our 2016 Assessment Day at

If your performance at the Assessment Day meets specific metrics, your name will be put forward to receive job offers from top employers, who are committed to investing in you, which will include:

  • A competitive compensation package (including a base salary) and a fixed employment start date of July 4th, 2017.
  • A five day sales training program running from July 4th-7th & 19th, 2017. Based on an amalgam of leading internationally renowned strategic sales methodologies, decades of international sales experience, and the latest methodologies and sales enablement technologies, this course has a $2,500 value and will be provided at no charge to you, while you are already on salary.
  • Ongoing sales training and support after you join one of 80-20's partners.