TJX Canada

Mississauga, Ontario

Business Analyst

Mississauga, Ontario
Entry Level, Early Career

Here at TJX Canada., we strive our hardest to make sure that, every day, our customers are able to find the latest and greatest designer brand names for less than they'd pay elsewhere. When they walk in the doors of our stores, whether it's a Winners, HomeSense, or Marshalls, savvy shoppers know they'll experience the "Thrill of the Find," which, if you're curious, feels like a slight breeze blowing over the surface of your skin-not a bad feeling, if we do say so ourselves.

But you're not here to feel the breeze. You're here to see if working with TJX Canada is right for you. To help with your decision, we'd like to introduce you to someone who once faced the same choice you have to make.

Meet Kirk.

Kirk is one of our Business Analysts. He guides and supports our business groups on systems functions and processes, acts as a liaison between the business groups and development staff on systems enhancements, and provides user training on current and new system processes. He also coordinates user acceptance testing and phased implementation.

Plus, he never remembers to clean out the coffee filter when he's done with it.

Still, this is Kirk. He is one of us.

But know this. If you do decide to apply for this position, and we agree that this is the right job for you, you'll be supported by a plethora of internal programs whose only focus is the continued progress of your career. At TJX Canada, we do everything we can to help you achieve your full potential. But we can't do it all ourselves. You'll need to bring the ambition, the motivation, and the drive.

So what do you think? Like Kirk, are you one of us?

Now, if you were to come on board as one of our Business Analysts, we'd ask you to do the following:

  • With an understanding of business requirements and current business systems, provide day-to-day support to our user community by addressing systems concerns and monitoring and reporting on systems activities, including Merchandising, Planning & Allocation, Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, Loss Preventions, Store Operations and Store Systems.
  • Research and resolve systems problems, and advise the appropriate technical team regarding resolution of production issues.
  • Communicate pertinent issues and problems to a broad customer base to minimize interruptions in workflow.
  • Liaise with business groups and development staff on system enhancements and solutions to systems problems.
  • Understand and apply the concepts and phases of the SDLC and focus on the phases that are applicable to your role.
  • Participates in all phases of the project lifecycle, including design reviews to ensure that technical designs represent and comply with the users' requirements and working with the users to obtain their input and approval.
  • Coordinate information relative to changes in project deliverables with the user and the training department.
  • Prepare the user acceptance test by coordinating appropriate user and developer participation in the development and execution of the tests, and assure that the integrity of the output meets or exceeds business expectations.
  • Communicate developments that may affect user documentation to the Learning & Development Training Department.
  • Ensure that all of TJX Company's standards are met, including Sarbanes Oxley.

Sounds rather challenging and exciting, right? Let's hope so, because if it sounds easy or boring, there's a good chance this job isn't for you. But if it does sound right for you, here's why we know you'll be able to handle those challenges:

  • You've done enough mental heavy lifting to earn your Bachelor's degree and/or your Business Analyst Certification.
  • You have between one and three years of MIS experience (preferably in a retail environment), which you can use to build a stable and bright future here at TJX Canada.
  • Your customer-service skills include effectively and efficiently responding to Associate inquiries, identifying stated and unstated customer needs, building relationships with Associates, resolving any conflicts or problems that might arise, etc.
  • You have general knowledge of application development.

We know some of that might sound a little daunting, but if we're going to meet and exceed our promises to our customers, we have to be committed to hiring the best person for the job.

How to Apply