Toronto, Ontario

A Rewarding Experience

If you're looking for a career with an organization that recognizes and rewards performance, look no further. At Scotiabank, we've implemented a number of initiatives to ensure everyone benefits from the experience with the Bank— especially you.

Leadership Development

We believe leadership provides the edge to success. Scotiabank is dedicated to building the strongest leadership team in the financial services industry. Why? Because we believe strong leadership gives us the edge we need to deliver the best results to our shareholders, customers and employees. We also believe it takes a great leader to know one. That's why we've placed our current leaders in charge of developing even more great leaders at Scotiabank.

iLEAD, our flagship leadership development program, offers all employees opportunities to develop leadership competencies. Through iLEAD, Scotiabank is turning leadership into a competitive advantage that will ensure our success well into the future.


Learning and Career Development

We believe that the key to success is strong leadership, and the key to strong leadership is continuous development. Scotiabank offers employees many opportunities for growth, creativity and personal career development.

Enhance Your Education

Internally, you will find on-the-job coaching and training programs, as well as access to My Learning Centre - Scotiabank's one-stop shop for learning resources. Externally, we encourage you to pursue courses through qualified institutions of higher education. As long as the program you take qualifies, your tuition fees and textbook costs are on us.

Advance Your Career

One door opened doesn't mean another door closed. Many employees change career directions several times while working at Scotiabank -- with our encouragement and support. To aid career advancement, we create comprehensive job profiles that provide employees with a clear understanding of the attributes they require to succeed in their next pursuit. These profiles also help managers coach employees appropriately. We also provide employees with the opportunity to manage their own careers through comprehensive tools and programs as well as through our internal online job posting system. Whether you choose to pursue one career path or explore various avenues, we encourage you to strive for excellence and leadership - in every role you undertake.

Total Rewards

At Scotiabank we pay close attention to our employees’ compensation within the markets where we compete for talent. It means knowing that they are being paid fairly and competitively for their skills and the work that they do every day. We believe that transparency and straightforwardness are paramount to a clear understanding of the total compensation package — base compensation, incentive pay, benefits, retirement and saving plans – with a number of choices which you can tailor to your individual needs and circumstances.

Our incentive plans are designed to focus employees on the achievement of common business objectives as well as individual goals. We pay for performance, so you are rewarded when you and the business succeed.

Performance Management

At Scotiabank, performance management is a key means of promoting individual development, growth, and success. It is a vehicle for focusing work on specific objectives aligned with the strategic priorities or the Bank, and then supporting, guiding, and recognizing the efforts required for achieving those objectives.

To ensure your personal career satisfaction as well as the achievement of Scotiabank's goals, we've developed a performance management process that helps you see how you're contributing to the Bank's overall success. It includes objective setting; performance assessment; regular and ongoing feedback; and development planning. Coaching and informal feedback underlie Scotiabank's entire performance management philosophy for optimizing on-the-job performance and helping you achieve your goals.

Diversity and Inclusion

Scotiabank is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and accessible workplace for all its employees. Having a team with many different perspectives helps us find creative and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers and stay ahead of our competition. There is great value in the unique ideas that each employee brings to the workplace - whether it is because of their different education, cultural background or life experience.

However, diversity alone is not effective without a culture of inclusion. This allows diverse perspective to be shared and used effectively for the benefit of the entire organization. At Scotiabank, we strive for a global culture of inclusion, where every employee feels that their work environment is a welcoming place. While our leadership team is accountable for supporting our culture of inclusion, everyone is responsible for shaping it and it begins with each employee.