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Employee benefits and perks

As a member of the Reynolds team, you’ll receive a variety of rewards - or, as we like to say, "REY-wards" - that extend far beyond your regular pay cheque. In addition to salary, you’ll enjoy:

A comprehensive benefits package

After your student benefits plan expires and you are no longer eligible to be covered by your parents' plans, you will probably start to realize the true value of a good benefit package! As a full-time associate, you’ll receive immediate medical, dental and vision coverage.

Employee discounts

Thinking of buying a car? GM and Ford are just two of the companies that offer vehicle purchase discounts to employees of Reynolds. We also receive special discounts on Dell computer purchases and GoodLife Fitness gym memberships, just to name a few!

Free doses of caffeine

In the office, coffee, tea and hot chocolate are available at no charge. It sounds simple, but those daily Tim Horton’s or Starbucks runs can really add up – especially when you’re trying to pay off your student loans or save for a down payment on your first house!

Access to a variety of communication tools

Whether you're working from a home office or one of our corporate locations, you'll stay connected with your co-workers and the company through the Reynolds intranet, your personal email account and the Office Communicator. The Communicator is an instant messaging tool that allows you to chat with other employees (always work-related, of course) while getting the job done.

"Jeans for a Means" Fridays

As the end of the work week rolls around, we know employees start looking forward to abandoning their professional attire for a more "relaxed" feel. At Reynolds, we invite our office employees to get comfortable one day early by participating in casual Fridays. While we don't condone tracksuits or pajamas in the workplace (sorry), we do encourage employees to contribute $1 in exchange for wearing jeans to work. All proceeds are donated to the charity of the quarter (nominated and voted for by our employees).

Additional job-specific perks

Each position within Reynolds also has its own benefits as well. For instance, employees who are required to travel for work may be eligible for a company car - a nice bonus for a new grad who's become accustomed to taking public transit! Some employees receive a company laptop and cell phone to enable them to work outside of the office. Additional perks might include weekends off, flexible scheduling, a company credit card, commissioned earnings/bonuses or paid travel - it all depends on your role in the company!

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