Child patient

We see the patient in all that we do

We are providing the information that helps patients and healthcare providers improve the health and well being of Canadians.

At LifeLabs, it’s not enough to work with the latest laboratory technology if it doesn’t yield a high quality result that helps patient care. That’s why it’s our people who are so important.

Everyone at LifeLabs is focused on our vision of building a healthier Canada. Even if your role means you never see a patient, it’s the patient on the other end of the phone or represented in a tube of blood that keeps us all continuously improving. We can all make a difference in healthcare.


We care deeply for our patients, each other and our communities and therefore excellence is the standard for everything we do.


We are ready and able to take advantage of new opportunities, we are curious and open-minded, responsive and proactive, explorative and risk-tolerant, we are empowered to act, and we embrace and adapt to change.

Customer Driven

We listen, we are interested in and care about our customers’ needs and expectations and we strive to create value by exceeding those expectations.

One Team

We work together with unwavering personal integrity, mutual respect and trust towards our shared purpose.

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