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Plan your career in medical laboratories

A career in medical laboratory technology offers you a chance to help people while applying the latest advancements in medical science and technology. Most roles in the laboratory require technical training. LifeLabs is proud to partner with various schools. We often hire student interns from these schools and provide scholarships or bursaries to students in related programs.

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LifeLabs: recognizing over four decades of student support

“We provide clinical learning experiences for BCIT students and hire BCIT graduates because they have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and clinical judgement required to be successful medical laboratory technologists,” says Brenda Ghazvini, Human Resources Senior Consultant at LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services.

Since 1966, LifeLabs has contributed more than $35,000 in bursaries and graduate awards for students in the BCIT Medical Laboratory Science Technology program, and has also recruited more than 30 graduates.

“We are very proud to support BCIT students on their career paths. We believe that in some small way, we are creating meaningful, life-changing opportunities for them, and in turn, they are making a di erence in diagnostic services for British Columbia.”

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