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Trane Graduate Training Program

At Ingersoll Rand, we're committed to helping you develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to be a future leader of the company. A key driver of this commitment is our developmental programs, which are designed to help you transition from your university career into a mutually-rewarding career with us.

Our training facilities, courses and programs are unmatched, amply illustrating the adage, "Trane trains the industry." Since 1927, nearly every Trane sales engineer has started his or her career by graduating from the Trane Graduate Training Program – the industry's best and most comprehensive training program.

The Trane Graduate Training Program - Sales Engineering (GTP) is a 5-month, graduate-level technical and business training program in La Crosse, WI, followed by six months of on-the-job mentoring in a pre-determined location.

The program provides new Trane sales engineers with the basics of the HVAC industry, technologies and hardware – and the latest in microelectronic controls and computer software. The course also provides training in marketing, sales and interpersonal skills. You'll apply these important skills to help Trane and our customers engineer indoor environments that maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Listen to what these recent grads had to say about the Trane Graduate Training Program:

Greg Burke
Greg Burke - Trane Sales Engineer

The Graduate Training Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity that allows you to meet individuals from all over the world while learning technical, product and sales training from industry leading experts. GTP helps prepare you with the fundamentals needed to become a trusted advisor for customers in your market.

Being a Sales Engineer for Trane is similar to owning your own business, except you're not alone, you have the support of an entire company behind you while having control of your career and financial goals.

Erin - Trane Sales Engineer

I chose Ingersoll Rand and Trane because I wanted to work in an environment in which I could use my technical engineering background while also working with customers and co-workers on a daily basis. I have learned so much here - especially that being an "enginerd" can be very rewarding and fun!

None of our competition makes the investment that Trane makes as far as training programs. All sales engineers go through the Trane Graduate Training Program, where we spend six months learning about HVAC basics of engineering and Trane products and sales. The experience for me was very educational, and because of the group I was with we had a great time as well.

Avery Kartes
Avery Kartes - Trane Sales Engineer

Being a Trane Sales Engineer allows you to utilize your engineering skill set while also being able to develop your own business strategies, customer accounts and projects. The variety of jobs that you will work on is endless and the relationships that you will develop with businesses within your city will be long-lasting.

If you are a recent engineering graduate and are looking for a flexible career that doesn't keep you in the office or in front of the computer all day, this is the job for you!

Trane actively recruits graduating engineers from all disciplines for the GTP, and attracts applicants from major universities worldwide. To qualify for consideration you must hold a Bachelor's degree in engineering, be technically competent and have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.

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