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Field Engineering Summer Student

Devon Canada has exciting opportunities for Field Engineering Summer Students who are enrolled in an engineering undergraduate degree program. You will have the chance to spend four months in one of Devon’s operating areas in beautiful Northern Alberta or British Columbia. You will gain hands-on experience under the direction and guidance of Devon’s professional engineers and operating staff, while challenging yourself to learn the ins and outs of the oil and gas industry. Becoming a Devon Field Engineering Summer Student offers the experience you’ll need to pursue future opportunities in the coming years.


Safety is the first priority for all employees at Devon and we have built our culture around safe practices and processes. Prior to starting your position in the field, you will spend a week in Calgary participating in paid orientation and safety training. This week will also give you the chance to connect with other engineering students from universities across Canada.

Orientation and Safety Training includes:

  • H2S
  • Confined Space Pre-Entry
  • Standard First Aid
  • Safe Driver Training
  • Safety at Devon & Journey Management
  • Wildlife Orientation

What’s in it for me?

  • Real engineering work experience
  • An exceptional adventure in beautiful Northern Alberta or British Columbia
  • Hands-on contribution to Devon’s success, in a safe and sustainable manner
  • In-depth exposure to different areas of the energy industry
  • Continuous training opportunities
  • Contacts in the energy industry
  • Professional, flexible and fun working environment where you can take a step forward in your career!

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Hear from a past summer student:

Devon Jobs profile imageBlake
District: 2 summers in Lloydminster, AB
Length of terms: 4-months
University Program: University of Saskatchewan, 4th year Chemical Engineering with a Petroleum Option
Hometown: Lloydminster, AB

Q: Describe a typical day when you were a Field Engineering Summer Student.
A typical day would start by driving to my area’s field office. Once at the office, I would use SCADA to scan through the wells I was operating to monitor production and ensure the wells were operating efficiently. I would then travel to the wells to check tank levels, well flow rates, tank temperatures, burners, check engine skid and ensure that everything was operating safely. My day would end with scanning over production in the field office, booking oil and water loads to be hauled for disposal or sales, and drive back to the town office to obtain supplies for the next day’s work.

Q: Why are you interested in the energy industry?
I have been interested in the oil and gas industry since a very young age. I grew up in Lloydminster, and my family has been involved in the industry since before I was born. The energy industry plays a vital role in providing employment and safe, cost effective energy resources.

Q: What surprised you most about your role?
The biggest surprise about my summer role was how hands on my experience was, as well as the level of responsibility that I was given. Being given the chance to get my hands dirty and be accountable for my actions allowed me to feel a part of the Devon team and instilled a sense of pride in everything that I accomplished.

Q: What was the most rewarding experience of your summers?
Getting out into the field and being able to work on things hands-on was extremely rewarding and valuable for me. It has given me a greater respect for all the hard work and dedication that Devon and its employees put into being the safe and environmentally responsible company that it’s known to be. My summer experiences have also given me the ability to better understand and relate to problems that are encountered on a day-to-day basis.

Q: What was the most challenging experience of your summers?
The most challenging experience was meeting the demands and scheduling my time effectively to ensure that all the details of the position were met. For example, I had to ensure that all the well sites I was responsible for were maintained and operating safely and efficiently.

Q: Why should future students choose Devon?
Devon has a diverse profile in oil and gas that has many opportunities across a variety of fields. Working for Devon has given me invaluable hands-on learning experiences in the oil and gas industry.

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