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Engineer-in-Training Rotation Program

Devon Canada’s Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Rotation program gives you a diverse experience as a new graduate by allowing you to rotate within 3 or 4 different departments over the course of 4 years while working towards your P.Eng designation. This program is just one of the examples of Devon’s commitment to excellence by investing in the engineers of tomorrow. As a Devon EIT you will have the rare opportunity to challenge yourself in different engineering disciplines by:

  • Learning how Devon’s business operates in several different areas including conventional oil, natural gas and SAGD operations,
  • Meeting many different engineering contacts throughout Devon.

Devon Canada Jobs Rotations:

Rotations typically take place annually in June. Over the course of 4 years, EITs rotate through 3 or 4 different departments, including 1 field rotation that is 18-24 months. Having an eye on your development is important to Devon. You will be placed in each of your rotations based on previous experience and Devon’s business needs. We want our EITs to get both conventional and thermal knowledge during your rotations, so you will be exposed to a diverse set of experiences over the course of your EIT tenure.


Devon offers an industry leading relocation package for students attending school outside the City of Calgary. In addition, when EIT’s are required to relocate to or from a field location, Devon offers a generous relocation package to ensure you are well supported throughout the entire process.


For each rotation, you will have a technical mentor who is an experienced engineer that helps guide and support you throughout your rotation. The objective of the mentorship program is to accelerate the learning process so you are well equipped to contribute to your department and fulfill your goals for the rotation. Current EITs will tell you as a result of their mentorship experience, they feel supported, empowered and successful. 

Training and Development

To compliment the mentorship program, Devon provides you with a comprehensive training program. This includes both technical and soft skills training over the course of the 4-year rotation. You will learn the basics in all engineering disciplines to ensure you have a solid understanding of all of Devon’s business areas.

What’s in it for me?

  • Well rounded engineering work experience in both conventional and thermal operations
  • Continuous training opportunities
  • Professional, flexible and fun working environment where you can further develop your career!

Hear from someone who's been through the program:

Devon Jobs rofile imageKatie
Position: Facilities Engineer
Alma Mater: Chemical Engineering, University of Calgary
Hometown: Calgary, AB Student
Experience: 16 month internship in Asset Optimization (12 months) & Exploitation Regulatory (4 months) at Devon EIT
Rotations: Conventional Field Production, Fairview, Conventional

Q: Describe a typical day as an EIT at Devon.
I was in the field for several years and I really enjoyed working in the Fairview office. My role was production engineering based and I worked closely with the production engineering staff in Calgary. I did a lot of repair and maintenance work on the wells and focused on increasing and optimizing production. This involved working with and overseeing service rigs, rod rigs, and wireline services, which was a definite highlight of my field time.

Since moving back to Calgary and working for Devon’s conventional facilities group, my role has changed significantly. The facilities role is deeply rooted in project management, and the focus is based on specific projects, with defined timelines. The role is very engaging, and requires the use of design, planning, and construction management skills. There is lots of opportunity to get out to the field, usually once a month. The thermal facilities role is a whole new experience.

The thermal world is very different than the conventional side of the business, and we are learning new things as an industry every day! This role also requires the use of project management skills, but the magnitude of the work is much larger scale and the project durations and budgets are much larger.

Q: Why did you choose the energy industry?
I was born and raised in Calgary, and the energy industry seemed like a natural fit for me. I love being part of the solution and finding ways to make the energy sector more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Q: What surprised you most about the EIT Rotation Program?
I was surprised at how hand’s on the program is. We were expected to lead and to understand what we were doing on each project, not just sit back and watch. The level of respect for our thoughts and skills is great.

Q: What was the most rewarding experience of your EIT rotations?
I felt like the work we were doing really made a difference on our projects, and was making a difference to the overall goals of the company, and not just me and my own personal goals. It was rewarding to be part of that.

Q: What was the most challenging experience of your EIT rotations?
When I changed from my downhole rotation to my surface rotation there was a significant change in scope with a steep learning curve. However, all of the tools and resources were there to help me learn, and it was fulfilling to learn the new skills.

Q: Why should future EITs choose Devon?
The training and guidance is second to none and they ensure that you get the field experience you want so that you have a real world understanding of things that had only been in textbooks before. That’s invaluable.

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