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Co-op and Internship Programs

As a leader in the oil and gas industry, Devon wants to support your career growth as an engineer by providing students across Canada, like you, an opportunity to be part of our Best in Class Engineering Co-op and Internship Program. Devon engineering co-op and intern students receive an unparalleled experience where they learn about the energy industry and how engineering is practiced in real life applications and settings. All engineering co-op and intern students are based out of Devon Tower, situated in the heart of downtown Calgary, close to the pathways and green spaces of the Bow River.

Devon Jobs rofile imageOrientation and Training

Devon offers all co-op and intern students an extensive orientation, plus additional training across our business, tailored to their specific discipline, from Oil & Gas 101 to technical training. In addition, students typically attend regular Lunch and Learns, and participate in Devonopoly, an interactive, competitive oil simulation game.


As an engineering co-op or intern student at Devon, you will work with a professional engineer and in many cases an additional mentor who will help guide you throughout your work term. You will have several opportunities to go into the field and see first-hand some of the engineering challenges your team is working on. As a member of our program, you are expected to have the same commitment to excellence as we do. You will be expected to set and achieve goals during your work term in order to help you develop a strong understanding of how your role fits into Devon as a whole.

Final Presentation

You have the opportunity to add value to your team using the skills you acquire during your work term. You and your fellow students will fill our auditorium and present to managers, vice-presidents, and your peers on a project that defined your experience at Devon. You lead the direction of your project using innovation and creativity with support from your leader and mentor.

Examples of previous projects

  • Disposal Well Completion Performance Evaluations
  • PI Tools for the Lloydminster Region
  • Pipeline Rack Module Cost Estimate
  • Studying Kindersley Viking Production using Production Performance Analyzer
  • Methods of Eliminating Emissions from Dehydration units
  • Near Wellbore Stress: Horizontal Challenges in High Stress Reservoirs

What’s in it for me?

  • Real engineering work experience to build your resume
  • In-depth exposure to different areas of the energy industry
  • Continuous training opportunities
  • Contacts in the energy industry
  • Professional, flexible and fun working environment where you can take a step forward in your career!

Devon Canada Jobs

Hear from someone who's been through the program:

Devon Jobs profile imageLauren
Co-op Department: Completions
Length of term: 8-month Co-op
University Program: University of British Columbia, Geological Engineering
Hometown: Black Creek, BC

Q: Describe a typical day when you were an Engineering Co-op Student in Completions.
I worked with a technical research team in the completions department. A good portion of my work involved looking back on past reservoirs and analyzing the economics and productivity of different completion techniques. From this I was not only able to learn about the typical practices that are used in the field, but also study their success rates in different oil and gas reservoir applications.

Q: What was your final presentation and describe the experience?
My final project was on near wellbore stress analysis and its effect on fracture propagation into the reservoir. I really enjoyed this project as it related directly back to rock mechanics, which was one of my favourite areas of study in my program at UBC.

Q: What surprised you most about your experience?
I went in thinking it might be like a school project, but it wasn’t like that at all. Nothing was cookie cutter at all, and so much of it was self-directed, which was the best way for me to learn a lot – fast! What surprised me most about my experience was that everyone I worked with was very approachable. I found that I was comfortable asking for advice from anyone in my department, even senior engineers and managers. People were friendly and would always do whatever they could to answer my questions.

Q: What was the most rewarding experience of your co-op work term?
I was introduced to an industry that was completely new to me, was able to apply my geological engineering background to projects I was working on, and met some great people. I worked with and learned from engineers with a lot of knowledge and experience. I was also hired back as an EIT, which is pretty rewarding!

Q: What was the most challenging experience of your co-op work term?
A challenging part of my co-op work term was the amount of self-direction in my position. It wasn’t really a cookie-cutter job description; the amount of work you put into the job is directly related to the experience you take away with you at the end of the day. While challenging, it was also one of the things I enjoyed most as I was able to work on a variety of projects that interested me throughout the course of my co-op term.

Q: Why should future students choose Devon?
I chose Devon because of the range of positions that are offered in different departments for co-op and EIT rotations. In my experience employees are also treated well. Many things are made available such as relocation expense coverage and the option to participate in fun events, like white water rafting and paintball, with the social club.

Q: What is next for you?
I am currently working with Devon as an Engineer-in-Training (EIT), and am doing my first rotation in the thermal heavy oil completions department.

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