Chinese Language Program

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Summer, Internship, Student Jobs, Entry Level, Early Career

Through partnerships with top-quality schools, CRCC Asia provides a route towards improved Mandarin skills. We invite you to come to Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen for intensive language study.

Choose between one, two or three month programs in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen. The course places you in engaging lessons with professional instructors while life in China introduces you to real-life situations to enhance both your skills and confidence in Chinese.

With the CRCC Asia intensive Chinese Language Program, the school is only part of the education. As three of the most lively and exciting cities in Asia, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen provide a great environment for you to practice your Mandarin while immersing yourself in Chinese culture. Although the program is available in all three locations, Beijing is by far the best place to study if you want to immerse yourself in Mandarin. Northern China speaks the purest form of Mandarin as compared to Shanghai where the Shanghainese dialect is prominent, and Shenzhen where the native language is Cantonese.

The program is one of our most popular as it enables candidates to gain a level of understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and language that isn’t possible when learning Mandarin outside of China.

Talk to one billion more people

Additionally, CRCC Asia provides social, cultural and networking events with other participants from all over the world. Programs are available for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers.

Please visit our Chinese Language + Internship Program section for more information about our official Curriculum Outline.

CRCC Asia’s package provides:

  • 20 classes a week*
  • Cultural events
  • Opportunity for one-on-one study
  • Pre-departure information and support
  • Visa
  • Airport pickup and an introduction to China and your chosen city
  • Accommodation in serviced apartments
  • Social and cultural events
  • Business and Networking events
  • Ongoing support from local offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen

*Due to Airport Pickup and Induction Day activities please note that during your first month on our Chinese Language Program you will receive a total of 17 days of classes, which increases to 20 days of classes in subsequent months.

Give yourself an edge when it comes to personal skills and international abilities by learning Chinese in China with CRCC Asia.

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