Business & Marketing Course + Internship

Across Canada
Summer, Internship, Student Jobs, Entry Level, Early Career

Working with some of the leading Chinese and international companies in Beijing and Shenzhen, our Business & Marketing Course + Internship provides practical insight into China’s key marketing and business industries.

Combine formal study with on-the-ground experience that will improve your understanding and enhance your future prospects.

Combine the two-week China Business & Marketing Course, run in association with experienced industry professionals from our partner companies such as Coca Cola and Plastered 8 T-shirts, with a six or ten week China Internship Program, and you will develop a much sought after edge on your CV, and expand your awareness of Chinese business, marketing and international markets.

The experience of learning and studying in China allows you to interact with other like-minded individuals, partake in many social activities as well as becoming familiar with the vibrant Chinese culture. There is also the opportunity to not only make new friends but to also develop essential future contacts through interacting with our strong Alumni Network. The course will run for one week in Shanghai and one week in Beijing, and the internship can be in either city.

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