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While most of the world has struggled with recession and austerity measures in recent years, the Chinese economy has stood fast, retaining its strong rate of growth of approximately 8% per year.

In the past three decades, the Chinese economy has transitioned from a fully state-run economy to a capitalist market economy and, since accession to the WTO in 2001, has steadily opened up its banking sector, financial markets and businesses for foreign investment.

As China is fast becoming the most important economic centre in the world, knowledge of its business and financial systems are essential. Companies worldwide are watching China’s progress and are increasingly looking for graduates and professionals who have a good understanding of China’s unique business environment.

“It was very different from what I expected. I thought that we were going to be having lectures and having an actual course, but instead they were presentations of companies that succeeded in China. I actually enjoy this approach more!”

- July 2013 Business & Finance Course Participant

Few graduates have such understanding, but in taking CRCC Asia’s Business & Finance Courseyou will:

  • Learn about the Chinese capital markets and the development of finance in China
  • Get ahead in the competitive world of international business and finance
  • Develop your ability to speak with confidence about China’s financial markets
  • Gain exposure to Chinese Business skills
  • Develop your knowledge and confidence to engage with Chinese clients in your career
  • Demonstrate your commitment to understanding international business and finance
  • Experience finance in China’s Political and Economic Capitals – Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen
  • Develop connections with industry professionals, expanding your business network
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The program is run in association with experienced industry professionals from our partner companies, such as KPMG, Costa Coffee, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Pacific Asset Management and Capital Eight. Previous programs have explored topics such as:

  • Cultural and Historical Factors Relating to Business and Finance in China
  • Market Bubbles and Crises
  • The role of Foreign Direct Investment in China’s development
  • Business Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy in China
  • Private Equity and State Capital in China
  • IPO Listing Assessment in China
  • China’s Stock Exchange Market
  • Emerging Trends in M&A, Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Why Baidu Beats Google in China
  • Investment Opportunities in China & WTO regulations

Enrolling in this course will give you a much sought after edge in your career development and expand your awareness of Chinese business, finance and international markets.

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