CPP Investment Board

Toronto, Ontario

Our culture

At CPPIB we actively foster a culture that promotes our guiding principles of integrity, partnership and high-performance. Our mission, culture and governance have allowed us to build a highly talented, world-class team of professionals.

We believe that every employee plays a pivotal role in preserving and enhancing our world-class reputation. And with all of us united by the collective responsibility of building the foundation for 18 million Canadians’ retirement, we enjoy a culture that is grounded in a shared sense of purpose and a dedication to the highest standards of skill and professionalism.

We believe in the importance of integrity. At all times we aim to meet or exceed the high standards expected of us by the contributors and beneficiaries of the CPP. We operate with transparency. We honor our commitments. We do what we say.

We nurture a collaborative and respectful environment that is the anchor of our commitment to building strong partnerships.

And we’re dedicated to high performance. We empower our investment professionals to make informed, intelligent decisions. We believe in sound governance, management excellence and transparency. We work hard to ensure that we leverage the diverse points of view of our global workforce. And we make individual performance – the contribution made to our shared purpose – the basis for recognizing and rewarding our people.

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