Lab Technician

Edmonton, Alberta
Entry Level, Early Career

Skill/Experience Requirements:

  • Technical degree or diploma in Science and Chemistry preferred
  • Minimum 3 years laboratory experience in related industry may be substituted for educational degree or diploma
  • Understand and comply with Bunge Safe Practices, including, but limited to:
  • Laboratory Safety &
  • Chemical Handling
  • Knowledge in handling chemicals, titrimetry and basic mathematics required
  • General knowledge in laboratory instrumentations
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Basic computer skills

Job Description:


To assure that all products produced consistently meet or exceed company standard and comply with Provincial and Federal regulations. To facilitate the packaging of quality product in an efficient and timely manner. Provide laboratory support to the packaging and warehouse operations by interpreting analytical results, inspecting and releasing raw materials, releasing product for packaging and providing analytical reports to departments as needed. Be able to proficiently run the analytical analysis on edible oils.

Essential Functions:

  • Perform analytical/micro tests for all incoming raw materials, in process and finished products
  • Assure that product meets or exceeds standards set forth by the company, Provincial and Federal Governments
  • Manage the Hold and Release program for out of specification products
  • Follow, demonstrate and enforce all Quality and Food Safety programs, including: GMPs, Pest Control, HACCP, SSOPs, Trace/Recall, Allergen, Good Laboratory Practices and the Food Security program
  • Monitor production operations to include, but not limited to: SPC, product to be packaged, correct packaging materials, correct labels, correct Code dates and/or Use by Dates, Process Control and sanitary conditions within the facility
  • Issue product formulations and work orders to line operators
  • Provide accurate reports to departments and customers in a timely manner
  • Maintain a clean, orderly and safe work place
  • All laboratory personnel are required to observe safe and proper work habits to include: Wearing proper laboratory and safety garments such as smocks, disposable gloves, eye protection and face mask (as necessary)
  • Perform data entry on QA database
  • Replenish chemical solutions as needed
  • Conduct Production Scale calibrations
  • Conduct Metal Detector calibrations and operation
  • Provide technical support to customers
  • Must properly setup, operate and run all of the laboratory equipment
  • Other duties as assigned
How to Apply