Trent University


Welcome to the University that puts you at the centre of the learning experience. At Trent, you can pursue your own dreams, develop your unique academic strengths, and explore the many other interests that are important to you.

Trent University provides an exceptional learning environment where students earn a respected degree. Bright, articulate students seek Trent - and when they graduate, they're ready to make a difference in the world.

A young, innovative University, Trent was founded in 1964 on the belief that learning is an individual, life-long pursuit - and that student choice, flexibility, and the opportunity for interdisciplinary study are part of a high quality post-secondary education. These key principles continue to define Trent's unique character today.

Inclusive and innovative, with a focus on the individual student, Trent is known for its supportive community environment and emphasis on global perspectives. A Trent education provides the intellectual tools and social awareness to become a successful professional and an active citizen of the world.