Saint Paul University

As a Catholic institution, Saint Paul University is dedicated primarily to an understanding and integration of Christian faith and life. It intends to pursue this task in a spirit of ecumenical openness and with a critical awareness of the forms of Christian life already existing or now emerging within modern cultures and societies.

As a bilingual institution, Saint Paul University wishes to contribute to the mutual understanding and enrichment of the English- and French-speaking communities, while remaining attentive to the cultural diversity of the country.

As a centre of higher learning, Saint Paul University intends, within the local, national and international academic community, to promote excellence in teaching, research, and professional formation. It endeavors as well to serve diverse Christian communities and socio-cultural organizations and, in collaboration with them, to try to meet the challenges presently confronting Church and society.

Thus, by participating in the evangelizing mission of Christ, Saint Paul University hopes to contribute creatively to the humanization of society.