Mount Allison University


Mount Allison University, a campus of extraordinary beauty, is nestled on the Tantramar marshes in the picture-perfect town of Sackville in the province of New Brunswick, also known across Canada as the picture-perfect province. But Mount Allison has more claims to fame than beauty alone. It offers five degrees to undergraduate students — Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of ScienceBachelor of Fine Arts,Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Music, as well as somepostgraduate degrees in science. Mount Allison encourages personalized combinations of courses and offers a very strong academic and extracurricular experience, one that we fondly refer to as Mount A plus.

Founded in 1839 by Charles Frederick Allison, Mount Allison has a rich history but has always kept an eye squarely on the future. Mount Allison was one of the first universities in the country to introduce a completely wireless campus and has had a lot of other “firsts” as well.