Financial Planning Standards Council

Statistics about the profession

Numbers can tell you a lot about people. The statistics included in the infographics below help paint a picture of Canada’s largest identifiable body of financial planners: CFP® professionals.

These statistics, collected from the annual license renewal form that Canadian CFP® professionals complete, provide insight into demographics as well as emerging trends. This information allows FPSC to stay in tune with the needs of CFP® professionals, their clients and the various sectors within the financial planning industry that employ CFP® professionals.

While the value of financial planning is becoming apparent to Canadians and demand for competent, ethical planners is on the rise, our statistics show that retirement is on the horizon for many CFP® professionals. This presents significant job opportunities for the next generation of CFP® professionals. And although we don’t have a statistic for areas such as work-life balance and career satisfaction, CFP® professionals often state that they have that in abundance.

Gross earnings

FPSC CFP Certification Jobs Image

A global profession

FPSC CFP Certification Jobs Image

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals are members of an international community nearly 150,000 practitioners strong in 24 countries around the world. The global number of CFP® professionals grew by more than 8,000 in 2012. There are nearly 17,500 CFP® professionals in Canada alone.

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