Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario

Why Become a CPA?

Becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) is your ticket to a world of opportunities in accounting and finance. CPAs are in demand thanks to their financial expertise, strategic thinking, business insight and management skills.

Get the designation that will advance your knowledge, broaden your prospects and enhance your reputation – the Chartered Professional Accountant designation. Here’s why the CPA designation is the right choice for you:

1. Job security and career advancement

Today, organizations demand that employees have a professional designation. Becoming a CPA will give you the competitive advantage you need for a prosperous and fulfilling career, in Canada or abroad. Even in tough economic times, employment remains high for CPAs.

2. High earning potential

CPAs can command a competitive salary that reflects the valuable skillset they bring to an organization. Learn how much a CPA can make in a variety of industries.

Average CPA compansation by industry type: $259,000 Holding/Conglomerate|$203,000 Oil & Gas|$182,000 Real Estate/Building Management|$177,000 Other Professional Servicing Firms|$172,000 Financial Services

3. Opportunities without borders

As a Canadian CPA, you’ll be a member of a powerful professional network. The CPA designation is an internationally-recognized and respected accounting designation, meaning you can take your skillset to work in any sector, any organization, anywhere in the world. Check out this map to see what you could earn around the globe!

World map

4. Increased responsibility

The CPA designation demonstrates your commitment to excellence and high professional standards. Employers are assured that you are a qualified candidate who is capable of tackling any challenge.

5. Improved skills and knowledge

The CPA Certification Program is a challenging and rigorous education program that meets the needs of industry, government and public practice. Students learn to manage the pressures and pace of the global economy with a deep understanding of financial data, its impact on organizational performance and how it can be used to deliver exceptional results.