Acadia University

Acadia was built on the belief that everyone has a right to higher education, regardless of class, belief, gender, or race. In 1838, at a time when money was scarce, the community pulled together to create a special place for learning. Women knitted and sold mittens to raise funds and canvassed for materials; men felled trees and built the first academic halls - Acadia University was established. Acadia's stylized "A" depicts crossed axes to remind us of the determination and pride that is the Acadia Spirit. That spirit has sparked many successes for Acadia.

The university has the distinction of being the only Canadian university inducted into the Smithsonian Institution for its pioneering use of technology in the classroom. Acadia professors continue to set the standard for innovative classroom instruction today. Acadia is also the only university to have placed first in all four categories (best overall, highest quality, most innovative, and leaders of tomorrow) in Maclean's annual reputation survey. In theĀ 20 years that Maclean's has done this survey, Acadia has ranked in the top three 18 times.